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KYWIE Wine cooler is a sheepskin tote that keeps pre-chilled champagne COOL. The natural insulating properties of wool, in combination with the air lock leather cord around the neck of the bottle will preserve the temperature of Bordeaux, Loire, Alsace and many others well after the bottle is emptied. Pre-chilled wine cold 4 hours! BIO-INSULATION to the max.

It is lightweight and foldable, protects your bottle and fits in your hand perfectly. Convenient for at home and on the go. A smart gift from Holland, for everybody, original and lasting.

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KYWIE wine coolers are handmade of 100% natural sheepskin and as such there will be slight variations in colour, texture and markings which we believe adds to the beauty and individual character of every cooler. KYWIE champagne cooler is 23 cm tall. Suede exterior, woolen interior. Best fit: Bordeaux wines of 0,7 – 1 liter, water bottles of 1 liter. Diameter: 7-8 cm (from wine too champagne, all fits easily thanks to the stretchability of sheepskin leather)

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